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Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Blanket


Overview of WILLVIC Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Blanket:

The complete production process and equipment are imported from Italy, specializing in the production of centrifugal glass wool..

WILLVIC Thermal Insulation Glass Wool is mainly with four kinds of colors, which are yellow, white, pink and black, as well as four different facing which are FSK, Kraft, white cover, and BGT.

All WILLVIC lines comply with the latest international environmental regulations.


Distinctive Advantages of WILLVIC Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Blanket:

  • Excellent thermal, acoustical properties.
  • Light weight and easy to fabricate on job site.
  • Non-combustible and fire-retardant.
  • Very economical.
  • Durable, life-time and termite proof.




Item Index Standard
Density 12-48kg/m3 GB/T5480.3-1985
Average fiber dia. 5.5um GB/T5480.4-1985
water content <1% GB/T53007-1982
Reaction of fire classification A1 EN13501-1:2007
Reshrinking temp. >260 GB/T11835-1998
Thermal conductibility 0.032-0.044 w/m.k EN13162:2001
Hydrophobicity >98.2% GB/T10299-1988
Moisture rate <5% GB/T16401-1986
Slag inclusion content <0.3% GB/T5480.5



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