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Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Blanket


Glass Wool Insulation Blanket Overview


Centrifuge glass wool blanket is mainly divided into two categories: non-veneered blanket and composite veneered blanket.Products are widely used in the workshop, warehouse Refrigeration room, gymnasium, exhibition center, breeding and planting shelter, steel structure building and various indoor amusement places.WILLVIC centrifugal glass wool board can also be divided into two categories: no-stick panel and composite stick panel.Is to add glass wool to a thermosetting binder.

Plate formed by pressure treatment, heating and curing.Compared with the glass wool blanket, the sheet has more excellent and stable sound-absorbing and heat-absorbing performance . It is widely used in industrial and residential building exterior wall insulation system, as well as air conditioning and other fields

The complete glass wool production line uses the latest generation technology to produce panels, rolls of felt and piping for residential and industrial thermal and acoustic insulation in accordance with the highest international standards (EN, DIN, ASTM).



Glass Wool Insulation Blanket Distinctive advantages:

 Excellent thermal, acoustical properties

 Light weight and easy to fabricate on job site

 Non-combustible and fire-retardant

 Very economical, especially when using thick layers of insulation

 Durable, life-time and termite proof


Glass Wool Insulation Blanket Applications:

Glass Wool Insulation is light and easy to install at office building, modern entertainment centre, roof, HVAC system and also other residential, industrial buildings such as:

 Walling and partitioning Faced and external walls Suspended ceiling

 Steel structures Prefabricated houses HVAC Duct works


Quality Assurance

WILLVIC maintains a stringent system of QC, in all its operation by its professional QC staff. We have 6 quality control engineers and test chemists.


We have our own test laboratory. From each batch of raw materials, mid-products to end insulation materials, whole process would be validated by WILLVIC's Quality Assurance system. This will assure our customers that all materials have been tested and meet our high standards of quality assurance.



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